Monday, April 11, 2011

Dazmelon - Launching their 1st Album

"DazMeLoN Fight For Fresh New Wave Music Genre As Well As To Promote Malaysian's Music To The World. Its All Started in mid-March 1997, When Ayat (Guitarist) And Piranazs (Bassist) Met At A Stall For Dinner And Discuss To Form A Band For Fun. After Changing Names And Line-Ups For Many Times, DazMeLoN Was Out Final Choice. Dazmelon Originated From Ampang. We Played For Concert Concert, Gig, Party, Prom Night And Many More. You Can Get Dazmelon's 1st Born Tittle " In-D" At All Rock Corner Or Speedy Video Around The Malaysia. There Are 5 Song In "In-D" 1. Terbang 2. Palsu 3. Kekasihku Curang 4. Tanda Soal 5. Dilema"

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